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The 360° Influencer Marketing Agency

Influence LV is the premier Las Vegas-based influencer marketing agency specializing in connecting hospitality businesses with high performing influencers and offering progressive marketing strategies.

With several years of working in the hospitality industry, we understand the necessities to launching a new venue and how leveraging influencers can accelerate brand growth.

Content Creation
Get higher quality leads.

Why Influencer Marketing

11 x

More cost efficient

Studies show it is 11x more cost efficient than print and online ad marketing.

65 %


Studies show 65% of people discover a new brand through an influencer at least once a week
Convert followers to customers organically

How We Make An Impact

1. Identify

Identify KPI's aligned with your brand goals

2. Execute

Execute campaign strategies with impactful influencers

3. Analyze

Analyze performance across channels & influencers

4. Scale

Scale brand awareness with content creation

Asset Library

Use metrics to leverage and repurpose accumulated content assets.

Vast Influencer Network

Access to an influencer network with various verticals & social channels.

Earned Media

Continue to gain publicity through previously used paid media promotional efforts.

Brand Identity

Leverage influencers to highlight your brand and build your identity through social media.

Brand Loyalty

Create content that resonates with your audience to establish a sense of bonding and trust.

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