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Greene St. Kitchen was one of the later additions to the Palm's remodel. With an artistic atmosphere within the restaurant, we partnered together to create an influencer activation that would best highlight the dining experience.

The objective

With the latest buzz around the Palm's launch, we needed to create a strategy that would compliment the recent news, but also reach an audience that matches Greene St. Kitchen's customer persona.
To reach these audiences, we collaborated with our network of influencers to incorporate Greene St. Kitchen during their latest events.

Campaign Strategy

To help grow the awareness for Greene St. Kitchen, we needed to identify the best influencers that would benefit the restaurant the most. Once we identified the best influencers to include in our campaign, we had to develop an event that would best highlight the experience at Greene St. Kitchen.

Influence LV Partners with Nu Rally

Nu Rally is a west coast-based supercar rally team comprised of over a dozen supercar and automotive influencers. The rally started from Orange County, CA to Las Vegas, NV. Nu Rally team posted content on the way from Orange County to Las Vegas where they tagged Influence LV and the Rally.
Nu Rally team tagged, and hash tagged Greene St. Kitchen and created content to promote Nu Rally as well as Greene St. Kitchen.
List of Influencers with Audience Reach during the event:
  • @wst_bank - 24,900
  • @garagegoals.official - 32,600
  • @luxurious_femme - 2,000
  • @msethi88 - 7,600
  • @speedsuspects - 276,000
  • @doranjm - 17,000
  • @hey_sai_y - 20,000
  • @kevin.gordon - 6,000
  • @leonberzerk - 20,600
  • @speedsociety - 216,000
  • @sheepeyrace - 4,800
  • @smg_clye - 5,100
  • @mokhan - 112,000
  • @social_exotics - 20,200
  • @jonnycage - 1,900
  • @spdwrks - 3,100

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