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Building Awareness for non-profit organization

Revolt of the Youth X Nico Trenches 'End of Summer Business Trip' is designed to help broaden horizons of student athletes. It is essential to teach student athletes life skills that will help them to excel on and off the field. This trip will help build accountability, leadership, and time management skills while focusing on different career paths.

About Revolt of the Youth

Revolt of the Youth is a Non-Profit organization that helps less fortunate kids from inner cities by providing them with life changing experiences. Cordell Broadus founded Revolt of The Youth in hopes to broaden horizons, erase stigmas, and promote self-confidence. Cordell’s vision is to be a role model and mentor to the new generation of thinkers and doers and to create a brighter future for the youth.

About Nico Trenches

Being a recent Masters Graduate from Idaho State University, a former Division 1 football player, and SYFL Alum, Nikko Taylor Morris realized there was a need in the football community to shed more light on the development and skills of linemen across the nation. NICO TRENCHES is a company founded by a father and son, Cortez Morris and Nikko Taylor Morris that provides position specific football training and workouts for players of all levels while also focusing on assisting with the recruiting process for high school and JUCO players into four year universities.
However, NICO TRENCHES does not just focus on the development of players on the field but also off the field. NICO TRENCHES was founded on three principles: educational development, field development and mental development. Nikko’s vision is to be a role model and mentor to future student athletes and constantly challenge his players to be the most well-rounded individuals on and off the field in order to continue success with football as well as life after football.
Revolt of the Youth x Nico Trenches


Our goal working with Revolt of the Youth and Nico Trenches was to build awareness for their mission in teaching essential life skills to student athletes to help them succeed on and off the field.
Our team had the responsibilities of helping create an experience that would build awareness for both brands, but also make a lasting impact on our athletes.

Campaign Summary

The Influence LV team organized Las Vegas companies aligned with our client's goals and missions to provide activities for the athletes. We then strategically placed relevant influencers that will connect with these athletes to provide a more meaningful connection and learning opportunities. The guests included: social media influencers, doctors, and successful businessmen. ​

Campaign Strategy

Leading up to the weekend, we had members of Revolt of the Youth and Nico Trenches post about the weekend in Las Vegas. The Influence LV organized sponsorships from organizations across Las Vegas that would resonate with these student athletes including: Top Golf, Cane's Chicken, FoodieFit.
The weekend began on Friday as RotY x NICO Trenches arrived in Las Vegas and were welcomed with a video game tournament at Game Works at Town Square. Throughout the day, we had everyone post about the event on their Instagram stories and feeds.
The following day, the student athletes continued with their business trip. After the scheduled events, we took the athletes to Top Golf to enjoy several rounds of golf. During this time, we brought in social media influencer, YeezyBusta, to connect with the students and gave them the opportunity to win a pair of shoes of their choosing for scoring the most points in 3 hits at the driving range. YeezyBusta, along with RotY and NICO Trenches posted to their social media feeds throughout the experience.
The final day of the engagement included a seminar for the student athletes to learn about academics, business, sports, and discipline. We had a millennial-owned commercial real estate company, KLA Capital, speak and connect with the student athletes. The engagement was documented on social media and shared to their specific audiences.


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